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Q:  Why should I trust Running Great Automotive's Auto Restoration Center?

A: At our Tampa Auto Restoration Center, we understand that a quality auto restoration is a commitment between both the vehicle owner and our auto restoration center.  We can produce outstanding results and outstanding auto restorations once we understand what your desired result is.  We are not only committed to offering only the best materials as our part of your auto restoration service, but expert craftmanship and reasonable pricing.  Our Tampa Auto Restoration center uses the highest quality paint and materials as well as the latest technology and equipment.  We understand that there are no short-cuts to a quality finish.  All vehicles are carefully disassembled piece by piece and reassambled using all new weather strips, seals, bolt packages, etc.  Because we also have an auto repair shop, our ASE certified technicians are fully qualified and capable of disassembly, and reassembly.  We will inspect all parts during this process.


Q:  What if I need more than just painting and auto body work on my auto restoration?

A:  Running Great Automotive can do your complete motor and/or transmission restoration, as well.   We also work on suspension upgrades. We can build any motor package from mild to wild, depending on what you want.  We use only properly engineered parts from quality manufacturers.  We can replace your interior, carpeting, headliners, etc.


All of our work is 100% Guaranteed.  We have a new, state-of-the art paint booth, a frame pull, and skilled paint and body technicians that will amaze you with the "like new" look.  From a little ding, to a major exterior and/or interior overhaul, we can restore your vehicle!  Our experienced technicians deliver the best restoration service in the industry.


We understand every project is unique and personal.  We take the time to do the work professionally, and completely.

We will give you a FREE ESTIMATE anytime, please come see us, or call us at 813-971-0642.

(Please note, we can not give estimates over the phone.  We must see the condition of your auto before giving estimates).




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